Digital Transformation

We provide Technological Solutions adapted to your organization.

We accompany you in your digital transformation process, implementing solutions for the management of your main processes.

Get the most out of your technology and get a CUSTOM digitalization.

Digital transformation for your business

Advance in your process and increase your competitiveness


We have the necessary experience in the sector to develop the most efficient plans according to the circumstances of each client.

Technological Innovation

We have the latest technological advances adapted to the needs of each project.

Comprehensive and multidisciplinary service

We apply an integral vision of the solutions, providing support to all the processes involved and their operational needs.


Our professional philosophy is a guarantee of commitment at all organizational levels.

Maximum flexibility geared to business productivity

How can digital transformation help you and
why do you need it?

Digitalization does not mean replacement, it is transformation

The implementation of digitalization in your business will adapt your environment to the challenges of efficiency, profitability and innovation that an adapted organization requires.

At Eflow we accompany you in your Digital Transformation Plan with the experience of our clients and our team of experts in business and technology.

Introducing a cultural change in your business processes, adapting them to the needs and opportunities of the moment.

Establishing an overview of your objectives that considers all areas and needs of the organization and their transformation into greater efficiency.

Adapting to your organization’s human resources for a more collaborative and efficient management of the future.

Obtaining increased productivity in all areas of your business..

Improving data analysis and decision making

Increasing knowledge and user/customer experience

Solutions we offer

We provide all kinds of solutions to accompany you in your digital transformation
We develop tools aimed to improve employee productivity, providing them with all the necessary instruments FROM any workplace.

JOIN A DIGITAL TRANFORMATION tailored to your needs with our solutions:


Evolve sustainably and safely


Adapt your IT structure to your needs


Analyze and boost your business information


Share your information with Collaborators and Customers


We propose a transformation scenario fleeing from the traditional schemes that can be found in the market. We propose to organizations solutions oriented to mechanization, integration and collaboration in the digital world, considering key factors such as cost/investment and the learning curves. Our goal is to make our clients evolve in a sustainable and safe way, with first level technology and processes but without running operational risks or high impact.


It is very common to feel a mechanization gap in the processes of organizations that are not global at all. Through solutions with formulated language, low impact and equally low cost, we provide organizations with solutions for all corporate and business functional areas, with great integration power: no need for infrastructure, mobility or teleworking oriented solutions. We also integrate alphanumeric and graphic information to achieve a spectrum of homogenization between documents and the business elements that generate them. We have framework solutions that we can adapt in record time and that, as a result of their factoring, always offer an additional attraction due to their low investment cost and low implementation impact.


It is increasingly necessary in organizations to have information that helps in decision making or that establishes indicators that serve to improve productivity or service quality ratios. For this type of needs we propose the creation of an analysis of the information, to position and structure it in a way that allows its poly-dimensional and dynamic exploitation, conferring the creation of the analysis information blocks to the previous layer to what the user can see. With the help of Power BI, we bring to the end user the securitized and segmented information by blocks of interest, allowing in real time the creation of personalized filtering, and also anywhere and multi-device consumption, which turns these tools into levers of mobility and teleworking.


From eFlow we make a bet that differs from what many of our competitors propose. We believe that process robotization should be accidental in organizations due to its high risk and we propose unattended infrastructure integrations (no other elements than the software itself are required). With Power Automate we can achieve both things, to perform integrations with multiple connectors and provide external data to our customers, as well as, make available to our customers’ employees, information that results in their operational benefit and efficiency.

SAAS Solutions

Customize your needs and pay per use


WEB solutions with Microsoft technology


Get the most out of your IT tools


Within the different technologies we work with, we have solutions that can be adapted to the needs of our customers and also be marketed in the SaaS (Software as a Service) mode. This is not a software licensing program, but a customized solution for our customers, with a small setup cost and instalments aligned to the duration of the contracts. This mechanism offers the possibility for any company layer to have access to the most complex and efficient systems by paying a fee for a limited time. See our SaaS solutions catalog here.


For the most demanding requirements, we also have a technical team with capabilities for the analysis and development of web and strong client solutions, based on standards within the framework of Microsoft .NET technology. These are developments whose construction and security standards guarantee compliance with the most demanding parameters, in terms of their cyclomatic complexity and their protection in terms of security.


Microsoft 365 is a set of leading tools in the market that provides organizations with diverse solutions for daily development. From Eflow we help organizations to implement and configure this type of solutions in an optimal and safe way, and above all to implement internal development plans so that people adopt the tools in their daily activity from the knowledge and not from the imposition. More and more we must keep in mind that the maximum asset of organizations, people, offer higher levels of efficiency the more knowledge they have about the tools to use and the procedures to follow.

How we do it

Application analysis and design

  • We analyse your business to understand your level of digital maturity and your needs.
  • We propose system designs based on the latest technologies and their application in successful experiences.
  • We integrate the developed applications with the corporate systems, guaranteeing their operability.

Virtual Office Tools and Services

  • Our Framework has the experience and tools necessary for the development and implementation of applications in a fast, simple and efficient way.
  • We integrate security with different LDAP providers and implement SSO-compliant multi-access solutions with ease.
  • We integrate information systems based on desktop applications, interactive and functional for an efficient collaboration of your resources.

Data hosting, processing and exploitation

  • We design data exploitation mechanisms that allow the evolution of information as an aid to decision making and prediction mechanisms.

Vertical Solutions

  • We develop modular vertical solutions, allowing us to effectively address the different problems of the business areas.
  • Modularity enables sustainable progress in digital transformation processes, making future scenario solutions compatible with legacy systems.
  • Developments are approached through a life cycle in which the client imprints its identity on the developed system.

Maximize your resources and
dramatically improve your bottom line


With faster application development by evolving and optimizing your IT resources.

Reducing your transformation costs by 50%.

Obtaining improved productivity in all your business areas.

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